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Dr. Marcea Whitaker!

"Up Sis, UP!"
Tuesdays 8pm EST.

Talk Show

Award-winning international keynote speaker, physician, master destiny life coach, and author, Dr. Marcea Whitaker is one of the most empowering and engaging voices in motivational speaking today!


She is on a mission to inspire audiences worldwide with her transformational principles to help them “boss up” in life and leadership so that they lead, learn, and live with intentionality. Dr. Marcea serves as the CEO of In Full Bloom Health and Life Coaching, a global company that helps professional women break free from their personal prison of life to discover who they are, decide what they want, and deliver on their destiny.


She also serves as the Founder of Girl Boss Life™ Academy, specializing in equipping women with the blueprint needed to redefine, refocus, and redirect their mindset, so they unlock the greatness within. Featured in Forbes, Dr. Marcea has been recognized on major media platforms such as ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, and USA Today, and named International Woman of the Year 2023 by Making Headline News.

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