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Who is Mega Source Entertainment ?

We are a full service Media Marketing and Production Company established in 2008. We assist organizations with solutions to increase visibility to the public and generate traffic using our experience marketing team. We develop better branding and assist with targeted leads and sponsorships Our motto is we make Good Great and Great Greater. We create customized solutions for every client to fulfill a desired goal. Our typical clients normally has an established brand but has a desire to grow its public exposure, customer attendance and Social Media engagement.

RIchard Adams


Our Event  Process We’ve developed a system for event promotion and marketing that has proven successful time and time again. This system ensures that we cover all bases in planning an event’s marketing strategy, and that we take advantage of the unique promotion opportunities available to each event.

Planning Proper planning prevents poor performance. Even with years of experience and many successful events in our portfolio, we still insist on a thorough, methodical planning process for every event that we promote. We will work with your team to gather the required resources, identify unique opportunities, and design an overall event marketing strategy that is focused on efficiently delivering your target audience to your venue on the day(s) of your event.

Promotion Promoting an event is quite similar to marketing any other brand- it requires a strategic approach, dedicated execution, and constant measurement. As we execute your event’s marketing strategy, we will stick to the strategy we’ve created, dedicate all necessary resources to the strategy’s success, and regularly measure engagement and registration to benchmark our success.


Here are just a few ways we can successfully promote your events :

  • Event websites

  • Facebook advertising

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  • Strategic partnerships

  • Search engine marketing

  • Video Advertising/Commercials Television & Radio advertising


Depending on the nature of your event, we will leverage these channels, and others, to make sure your event’s attendance levels exceed expectations.

Why Mega Source Entertainment
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