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Valorie Interview

Linda Murdaugh
The founder and Executive Director of Journey Inspirations Ministries. She is a woman of faith, an inspirational speaker, transformational specialist, and licensed minister who is committed to helping others to move forward in their spiritual journey by empowering them to cultivate a deeper relationship with God. She resides in Charlotte, NC and attends Elevation Church where Steven Furtick is the pastor.

Linda began her journey with God at a young age where she was raised in a church environment, but she later developed an intimate relationship with her Creator in 1997. It was then that she began to seek God and His purpose for her life. She attended More Than Conquerors Bible College in Charlotte, NC where she studied the history of the Bible. In 1999 she attended University Baptist Church in Charlotte, NC and labored in ministry to help establish their Youth Church. While laboring in service in this ministry, she was trained as a minister under the tutelage of Bishop Claude Alexander. She holds her current licensure of ministry from the United National Church in McKinney, TX.

As with any journey you experience highs and lows, and with the passing of her parents, she experienced a time of separation from God where she walked away from ministry and service. With the loss of her parents, the repressed trauma of sexual assault and molestation from her past began to surface. It was at this moment in her life where she became engulfed in a spirit of abandonment and rejection that opened a door to predatory relationships that left a scar, which led to a desperate need for validation and affirmation. As a result, she continued to experience destructive cycles, losing herself in toxic and narcissistic relationships that shattered her world. But when she came to the end of herself while in a suicidal state; she experienced life-saving God encounters where she received redemption and deliverance that re-established her identity in Christ Jesus. Now her mission is to empower others who are recovering from toxic relationships to rediscover their identity and to cultivate a deeper relationship with God.

4833 Berewick Town Center Dr, Charlotte NC 28278
877-444-0385 | |

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