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Jasmine Hamilton


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Valorie Interview

Born and raised in the vibrant state of Maryland, Jasmine Hamilton is more than just a voice on
the radio. She is a community activist, devoted wife, loving mother, cherished daughter,
supportive sister, compassionate healer, and above all, a resilient survivor, her journey through
life has been shaped by a diverse range of roles and experiences, with each chapter
contributing to the person she is today.

Her time in the Air Force as an intelligence analyst instilled in her a profound sense of duty and
commitment to service. This background not only sharpened her analytical skills but also fueled
her passion for seeking knowledge and understanding the intricacies of the world around us.
What drives her even more, however, is her dedication to mental health advocacy and the
creation of safe spaces for women of all walks of life. As a firm believer in the power of
community, her radio show is a platform where she strives to connect, uplift, and inspire women
of all ages. In a world that often seems chaotic, she is committed to fostering an environment
where each woman can find solace, support, and encouragement.

The heart of her advocacy lies in addressing trauma, promoting healing, and guiding individuals
on a transformative journey toward becoming the highest version of themselves. Empathy and
optimism are the guiding tones of her show, as she believes in the strength that arises from
shared stories, understanding, and collective empowerment.

Through engaging conversations, expert interviews, and a diverse range of topics, she aims to
equip her listeners with the knowledge and resources they need to navigate life's challenges.
Together, they embark on a journey of growth, resilience, and self-discovery, creating a tapestry
of stories that reflect the beauty of the human spirit.

Join her on the Old Bae Jay Show as they explore the depths of personal development, mental
health, and community building. Let's transform narratives, support one another, and create a
world where every woman can thrive and shine. Together, they are not just listeners; they are a
community united by strength, compassion, and the shared belief that they can all rise to their
highest potential.

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