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Mindset to millions,  Thursdays 8pm EST.


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Valorie Interview

“Mindset to Millions... I lived to tell the Story.” – Dr. Tammie Harris

Dr. Tammie Harris is an award-winning international keynoter, best-selling author, global business/entrepreneurship coach, and mindset strategist. Leveraging over 30 years of professional experience as a real estate agent/broker-owner, social worker/therapist, and pastor, Tammie is on a mission to impact audiences and train individuals, corporations, organizations, universities, and religious institutions worldwide on her proven financial strategies that help to build dreams, establish legacy, and create generational wealth. She coaches women business owners on the value and importance of shifting their mindset, scaling to the next level, building proper infrastructure, and understanding the importance of believing that they deserve the right to be at the table or that they can create their own tables.


Dr. Tammie’s extensive expertise earned her invitations to speak on major stages across the country. She has delivered dynamic live and virtual keynote speeches for large audiences, including Shawn Fair’s Leadership Experience Tour, the Raleigh Region of Association of Realtors, Elizabeth City State University, Wake County Public Schools, Minority Realtors Association, Women of Value, Women of Destiny, Reset, Revive & Restore Conference, Vernon Malone College, and Career Academy to name a few.


Dr. Tammie is a compelling thought leader and motivational speaker who supports women's personal and professional empowerment worldwide. In line with her unyielding passion for helping others succeed, Tammie serves as CEO of Tammie Harris Coaching, Founder of Tammie Harris Real-Estate Firm, and CEO of Dream Builder's Investment Group. She has established multiple resources that help women shift their money mindset to millions – a lifestyle that she has lived in order to tell the story. Tammie is also the creator behind bootcamps, masterclasses, a 12-month Inner Circle Mastermind Group, and the Sell & Grow Rich Academy, her groundbreaking 12-week signature coaching program designed to help women business owners with developing the mindset, leadership, entrepreneurship, and business infrastructure skills to earn 6-7 figures monthly or yearly in their businesses.


Recognized as a well-known fixture in her community, Dr. Tammie serves as chairwoman of the Kayla J Community Foundation. She is also a successful licensed realtor/broker-owner and an ordained pastor. As an influential figure, she has co-authored the two #1 bestsellers A Reason to Be and The World's Greatest Speakers

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